Cerakote™, a division of NIC Industries, Inc. is the foremost expert and world leader in the development of ceramic based coatings, with a specialty in hi - temp and firearm finishes. Cerakote™ has established itself as a premier brand and product offering superior durability, hardness, corossion resistance, heat resistance and IR signature reduction.

Alpha is dedicated to providing unparalleled tactical product availability to our costumers and men and women who do their best to keep us and our world safe. No matter what uniform you wear, Alpha goal is to provide you with the specialized equipment you need to complete your mission.

Our objective is to explain to our clients that we are experienced and innovative in what we do, we are looking out for our customers best interests. We have high ethical standards and our clients can set high expectations when dealing with us. We offer great customer service in an industry that has been taken over by technology. We are interested in creating strong bonds with our clients.